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Everything you need to make your car look new again! Your paint will sparkle! Your windows will shine! Your tires will glisten! We have nozzles, hoses, machine polishers, and more! You’ll soon be a customer for life.
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Our restore instructional pamphlet is clear and concise, and our technical staff is available to answer any other questions you may have. We sell more of these systems for paint polishing than anyone else in the world. If that is not enough comfort, we give you our 100% Customers For Life Guarantee. automotive products if you still do not believe me, go rent a car to practice on first and return it in better shape! (trust me, they will thank you for it.) try it and you will wonder what took you products so long to get up the courage. restore all of our car care products are safe on clear coats and any automotive other type of paint.

on my latest tool buying trip to a major u.s. show, i came back incredibly disappointed at the quality of garage tools being offered. these are the days of "we''ll sell it cheap, give a 30 day warranty, collect our money and run!" i hope you appreciate the fact that because of the quality of tools and other items we sell we are able to offer a lifetime return policy. i''m often heard around the office products saying, "we sell tools for life, so we can restore have customers for life." if you believe in quality automotive tools and would like to support one of the last tool catalogs in the business that still sells quality items, don''t be bashful. pick up the products phone and order some of our quality tools then i''ll know someone still cares.

accessories. we offer restore a wide variety of automotive accessories, as well. in that section of our website, you will find useful items that are easy to install, protect your investment from the elements, or just make your automobile more comfortable to live with. you won''t find fuzzy dice, wild cherry scent bombs or the barking chihuahua for the rear deck. the accessories automotive section represents truly functional items that are tested for years of quality and durability. if you have wimpy factory horns that sound like a hoarse goat, you can swap your horns out within 15 minutes with our selection of horns that offer a shrill, penetrating honk. just what you need to alert that truck moving into products your lane!

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